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In Stiliaras honey we produce and package high quality certified products. More specifically we own:


  • The ISO 22000 certification for standardization, packaging and trading honey.
  • License by the Veterinary Service.
  • Packaging password
  • Inclusion in the packaging sector for organic honey, by the Organisation for the Inspection and Certification of Organic Products in Greece (DIO).
  • FDA certification.
We have constructed and currently operate a modern honey packaging plant in Daphne, Nafpaktia.

Its packaging potential is 1350 kg/day in packages of 8gr to 25kg.
Our packaging plant satisfies all the requirements needed for this use.
More specifically it offers:
  • Packaging room and heated rooms.
  • Storage room for raw material.
  • Storage room for packaging materials
  • Storage room for ready products
  • Honey extraction room
  • Reception
  • Conference and Tasting room
  • Offices

In the honey extraction room you can specifically find:
  • Automatic exfoliator machines
  • Screw alum exfoliations
  • Two 10-20 frame exporters
  • 2 pumps
  • Pre-filters and four calmness tanks
Its equipment provides those without the required tools with the opportunity to produce their own honey.
It is here where we pack our organic honey called “Melenia Bio” by StiliarasHoney, deriving from our hives in the Mountainous Region of Nafpaktia, under the surveillance and certification of “DIO”, the Organization for the Inspection and Certification of Organic Products in Greece.
We collect our honey from selected partners- beekeepers and we package “Melenia” by StiliarasHoney, following strict specifications (origin- proper collection and storage, quality control).
Our packaging plant offers the opportunity, for those interested, to package their own honey with their own trademark. (Upon mutual agreement on the required actions) (façon process).
Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or cooperation requests!