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Melenia: Organic Fir Honey 950gr - 5200124810454

Melenia: Organic Fir Honey 950gr
In Stiliaras Honey, we produce 100% natural honey, from our family directly to yours!
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Melenia: Organic Fir Honey 950gr - 5200124810454
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Available in packages of 300gr and 450gr. (limited edition)

Organic red fir Honey, from the Lower Town (Kato Hora) of Mountainous Nafpaktia. The red fir honey possesses not only intense flavor that appeals even to the most demanding consumer, but also unique appearance. Due to the low percentage of glucose, it does not crystallize, something that renders it highly-valued.

– Weight: 1257 gr
– Net Weight: 900 gr
– Producer: Stiliaras Honey  
– Place of Harvest: Mountainous Nafpaktia

Our organic beehives are located in the Lower Town (Kato Hora) of the Mountainous Nafpaktia, at an altitude of 860m. Our constant attention and passion for beekeeping, in combination with the mountain blossoms of the region, contribute to the production of this exquisite red honey from fir-trees, with exceptional quality and taste.

Certified by “DIO”, the Organization for the Inspection and Certification of Organic Products in Greece and awarded in the international competition of organic honey in Italy for three years (BIOMIEL 2014, BIOMIEL 2015, BIOMIEL 2018). It has additionally won two golden stars at the international competition Great Taste Award 2016 in Great Britain.